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PolyMon Controls is a project that provides various Windows Forms .NET controls as described below.

Montage_thumb.png Please leave feedback. If you would like to see other types of controls, please let me know. If there's something you don't like, please let me know also. Your feedback, ideas, suggestions and criticisms are welcome and will help make this a better product. So let me know what you think!!!

1/18/2009 New Release: This new release adds:
  • A radial gauge. This gauge is highly configurable and can be used for full circle or partial circle gauges.
  • A numeric LED display (8-segment). Segment widths, colors, etc are all customizable.

Please note that these controls are targeted for .NET 3.5 and source code is for Visual Studio 2008.

RadialGauge.png New! A highly configurable radial gauge control.
LED8Segment.png New! An 8-segment LED style display gauge.
SizeMoveControl.png pair of classes that can be bound to any control allowing it to become moveable and sizeable by user at runtime. Supports reparenting controls when moved from one container control to another (configurable). Also supports proximity snapping.
CylinderGauge.png A cylindrical type gauge with optional labels. Uses a 0-100 percentage scale only.
LEDGauge.png An LED type gauge with user defineable threshold colors as well as LED style (rectangular, square, elliptical and cicular), number of LED's, LED spacing, etc.
LightGauge.png A single light style gauge with threshold values and colors for defining at what values the light will change color.
BarGauge.png A linear bar-style gauge (supports negative and positive value ranges).
MultiBarGauge.png A multi-bar linear gauge.
GradientPanel.png A panel type control that supports gradient fills and rounded borders with user-defineable border color and thickness.
RotatedLabel.png A label control that provides set rotation angles of 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees. Also supports background gradients and transparency, autosize, etc.
RotatedLabel2.png This class is not a user control, but will generate bitmaps of rotated labels for any rotation angle. Also supports background gradients and transparency. Bitmap autosizes to whatever size is required to contain rotated label.

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